Neat was created to bridge the gap between effective hygiene practices and modern beauty aesthetics. We want to kill germs, not your Instagram vibe. It's possible to have both. Let us do the work of creating highly effective sanitizing products while you don't miss a beat in your daily routine. Neat is meant to seamlessly mesh with your existing beauty and skincare products so sanitization practices are apart of everyday life. Because daily cleansing is not only cool, it's keeping you healthy from nasty germs and bacteria.

Here's our Founder backstory.

Neat formed in 2019 by two Co-Founders with a background in cosmetics and sanitation. Jen Fassino is the owner of Nomad Haircare, a clean, vegan haircare brand sold at major outlets such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Urban Outfitters. Joe Craven is the former owner of Provyo Sanitation, a waste management company that focused on safer recycling and waste removal services. Our Founders saw a gap in the market and wanted to bring more elevated cleansing products to market and open up more conversations regarding daily hygiene practices.

All of our raw ingredients come from and also manufactured in a facility located in the United States. We will always keep our formulas vegan and cruelty-free.